Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Not So Free...

... but worth every penny. You will likely see this beauty make an appearance here on a regular basis. Just look at it, simply amazing! You can find Kuro Ramen (combo A pictured above) at Maru Ichi on Castro St. in downtown Mountain View. Don't waste your time with another flavor Ramen, seriously don't do it.

For those of you daring enough to give it a try, I feel I must offer a warning: you will become addicted. You may not feel it at first, but you will. A week or so after your first taste you will find your mind drifting, thinking about Kuro. As soon as you cave to the temptation your life is over. Soon you will find yourself doing whatever it takes to get some of that garlicy sweetness into your veins. Your family and friends wont know who you are anymore and you'll have a hard time keeping a job or continue being effective in your current job. You've been warned.

Also, for those of you following along, I think that it is important to point out that Maru Ichi is located in California, the best state. I belive that I can rest my case now.