Friday, October 10, 2008

Orange Not So Dirty

Ok, so I really hate mushrooms. I think they are one of the worst things a person could eat. I can only describe the flavor of mushrooms as dirty. Just consider what they grow in for a second would ya? The only mushrooms I ever liked were some I had while I was in Hyderabad, India. They were stuffed with cheese, breaded, and deepfried (that makes everything taste good). Today, I saw some mushrooms that looked quite similar to the deepfried morsels I had in Hyderabad. These ones tasted OK (they were missing cheese). I guess I still don't like them very much. They had an orange sauce that I know was designed to cover the taste of dirt. They couldn't fool me though.

As far as the rest of the meal, the mixed vegies were pretty damn good, so was the chicken. I don't usually drink soda, but I wanted to try the Royal Pepper soda (we say soda on the west coast, not pop) with agave syrup. It wasn't bad, but I don't need to have another glass. Finally, I have to saw that the best part of the whole meal were the plumbs. Perfect.

Happy Friday everyone.

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  1. soda >> pop, contrary to what some people ::cough::Bergy::cough:: might say