Thursday, November 6, 2008

Something Kind of Different Thursday

You might be thinking: "WTF, Pat? This is Burrito Thursday. What the hell are you doing?" In all honesty, I had a delicious burrito from Andale last night. It was pretty damn good. I find that they taste much better when you eat them right away instead of putting the foil wrapped goodness on the dash of your car for 30 minutes while driving home. They stay surprisingly warm (and good), but lose something along the way. I am not quite sure what though.

So while I was grabbing that burrito last night I noticed that there was a contraption that let you make quesadillas. Yes, you read that right. You can make your own quesadillas in Andale. Today, thats what I tried to do. I ended up using way too much cheese and it started to burn, so I took it off the grill a little early. I didn't want to subject everyone there to the amazing smell of fried cheese. I know that it might not be well received by everyone. See how considerate I am?

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