Sunday, December 14, 2008

Its Been a While, Sorry.

Ok, this is going to be one big post.

Look! I'm half way done!

Chicken and cheese. MMMmm.

This was supposed to be Burrito Thursday, but when I went to Andale, they were out of pre-made burritos!!!! And they had a huge line! This really screwed me up because I had a final later that day at school. Ever hear of contextual interference? I was used to learning all full on burrito, but then I had to go test all full on sandwich! So yeah, big problem. I pulled it off though.

I remember that the stuff on the right was pretty damn good. 

Steady hands again.

All chicken fingers should be so good. Can you believe that salad was red?

I think they forgot to drain the oil off the ground beef before mixing it in with the rest of the chili. This had to effects: 1) the chili was much less healthy, 2) the chili was way tastier. The pulled pork and chicken wings were pretty good too.

Please note the red circle! I bet you wouldn't find that on a potato knife or fork. 

Steak and guacamole! O. M. G.

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